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Trip Ijen Crater Night Pick Up
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Trip Ijen Crater Night
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Ijen crater tour is the largest lake in Java. 

Sulfur crater lake situated between a natural dam deeply engraved stone. It is 200 meters and contains about 36million cubic meters of water acidic steamy, shrouded in clouds of sulfur-smelling spin. In side the crater of different colors and sizes of stone were found. The Ijen crater itself lies at approximately 2,300 meters above sea level, Ijen crater tour was indeed a beautiful garden of stone as well. Ijen crater shows a special type of volcanic feature common to Indonesia, about 1 kilometer in diameter and 175 meters deep. The floor is covered completely by a warm lake, milky blue green in colours held back by a dam built many years ago by the Dutch, in order to keep the hot (used as a cooling crater).

We intentionally Developed

I would to take you exploring in depth the ijen crater & in the auxiliary with friends miners. not only that but also let you have a relationship with a local's contak more closely, and you certainly know how they're difficult to find Economics. when they work in mining, whree they lived and daily a miner in the village. Explore in depth the crater, doing unusual itinerary, and learn more about cultures from locals, ethics, local's wisdom, and ethnic diversity. gathered by the villagers, you will get a new experience when it is.

( Video on of mining sulfur )
A friend of our guests in the mood to try to lift a basket that contains of sulfur


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